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President Obama to Congress: "So Sue Me"

If anyone believes President Obama is overstepping is legal authority just leave. Seriously your small mindedness and partisan mantra has dragged this country’s government to a halt. Just leave. If the house hates what Obama is doing, then maybe they should do their jobs.

The Way America's Schools Discuss Race in Literature Is Profoundly Flawed

This actually takes me back to the Ludacris concert I was just at on Tuesday. It was awful not because of the music, but watching all of the non-black kids and adults so easily toss out the n-word. One girl next to me asker her boyfriend to stop and his response was “I’m only singing the lyrics, it’s not like I am trying to be racist.” She left him there. 

Just because a word is there, does not mean it is ok to day. So sure black people have started to take back the word, sure as hell doesn’t mean the white boy next to me or one of my Latino student can now start throwing out the like it is there’s. I got attacked for calling someone a gringo on here and being told I was being offensive. Seriously… If I can’t call someone the watered down version of cracker what gives them the right to continue using the n-word or other racial/sexual slang.

21 Men Holding Signs Quoting Their Rapists

It is always hard to look back, but people have to hear the truth. 

"now you’ll feel just a little pinch"

"Thanks for staying, I had a lot of fun."

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