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that was the biggest fucking overreaction im laughing so hard

The guy in the boots is the person this raccoon killed 10 years ago and now he pops up, totally alive and seeking revenge. Don’t judge a person to be overreacting until you know the whole story. 

The previous commenter just called this adorable animal a raccoon. Educate yourself!!

Red Panda Overreacts may have just replaced Baby Panda Startles Mama Panda in my repertoire of funny panda gifs. 

(Source: buzzfeed)

You don’t have to justify your body.



If you’re thin, you don’t have to say ‘but I eat all the time!’/’I have a fast metabolism!’

If you’re fat, you don’t have to say ‘it’s genetic!’/’I’m trying to lose weight!’

You don’t need to explain to anybody why your body is the way it is. Your body is YOUR body, and that’s all the justification you need.

I’ve reblogged this before but I am again. It’s important okay.

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